Saturday, June 9, 2007

موجة صقيع تقف في وجه غونو؟

وجدت هذا المقال على واحدة من أصدق المدونات حول الأحوال الجويّة. ويبدو إن التوقعات الغريبة حول موجة الصقيع حقيقيّة

Friday, June 8, 2007

Cold Wave over AP slows down Gonu

Cyclone Gonu transformed into a Cat 3 Cyclone by the time it hit the Omani coast. The reason is not very obvious. A cold front of low atmospheric pressure stands in the way of Gonu on the mainland of the Arab Peninsula. The Cyclone, slowed down by the cold front, transforms into a tropical storm.


BoringDay said...

how can you believe this. I am researching all news networks noone is saying anything about it!

MO>- said...

maybe because noone knows how to explain it! people are stupid. if you tell them that they'll be covered with snow they'll panic w jazak allah!

khalas ya3ni! the shit will hit da fan my bro

look at all the weather graphs. it's scary shit ma man. we'll have ski slopes in riyadh soon :P

مصطفى said...

كثير غريب الخبر

أكيد مش صحيح

Anonymous said...

It is right that the world is facing change in climate and this might affect us (GULF), but it will not reach like these pics....
we might face strong cold, hailstones and heavy rain.