Monday, June 11, 2007

Global cooling effect!!!!

Ok. Saw this post and jumped out of my seat
Disaster scenario? Check
Scientific corroboration? Check.
Eerie resemblance to what’s happening in the area around me? Check and double check.
All I’m thinking about is Saudi right now and how a desert with an average temperature that’s one of the highest on Earth could actually experience snowfall. Yesterday, I bought a heater!

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“News that the Conservatives might be taking a more cautious approach to Kyoto and climate change could not come at a more appropriate time. The science behind the idea of man-made global warming, always theoretical and often speculative, appears set to receive another blow. A report in New Scientist magazine yesterday chronicles the work of a crew of scientists who forecast a new wave of global cooling brought on by a decline in activity in the sun…”

Terence Corcoran, National Post
Published: Saturday, September 16, 2006

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