Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hush Hush!!! Global Freezing is Here!

As with all great scientific discoveries, the latest wave of global freeze is being treated with an excessive amount of skepticism from the world’s media corporation. Regrettably, the major news organizations and channels are not giving it the coverage it deserves. Cold, hard facts from research centers and weather stations in the Gulf are all ignored in what appears to be a massive cover-up. Why would networks ignore such a serious crisis in the face of eyewitness reports, satellite data and pictures taken from around the Arab gulf?

Several reasons come to mind. Firstly, the freeze phenomenon is a very alarming happening in itself. A scorching Arab climate that was historically known for its record heat temperature is now effectively, radically and rapidly cooling. The change is so fast it is unbelievable except for direct eyewitnesses.

Secondly, the reason why it has not gained such massive exposure is because many organizations, governments and corporations have very much to lose from such a global alteration. The demographics on an entire planet might change. Structures which were unthinkable are now becoming a possibility, nay, a reality in these Arab countries. Governments will have to rethink their strategies for the next 50 years at least.

Another major factor is the global warming theory and its followers. Literally thousands of NGO’s will be out of business overnight if global cooling is proven to actually have scientific corroboration behind it. Upon clear examination, we realize that it touches upon every raw nerve of society; so it is no surprise that resistance will come in every form. I will end on a positive note though, by saying that all scientific breakthroughs must come from an initial stimulus, a desire to provoke change. Of all our past discoveries, climate cooling in the Arab world is certainly one of the most intriguing yet. But let us be confident that science can unite and rise to the challenge. It has never failed us yet.


Cyrax_300 said...

Are you sure it's Ice age or just a blip in the planet's weather system?

Princess_MIRA said...

this stuff scares the sh** out of me.

Jad K said...

Luv this article. Galilyo when he discovered Earth isnt the center was put in prison for life; sad to C this happening :)i live in Qatar. Tx dr. Hijazi.